Nancy Nelson Going

Nancy Nelson Going brings you artistically curated and designed one of kind jewelry. Her designs are crafted from high quality precious and semi precious stones and custom, hand forged metals. She has been beading for nearly 25 years and finds the history of beads, their colors and textures most exciting, Forging metal is a new love of nearly 9 years and it compliments the organic nature of Nancy's  work. She loves all design and finds inspiration for her work in her garden, travels and wild places! Nancy hopes that you'll enjoy your visit and feel right at home on the farm, among the flowers and the Free Range Artists. To see what's new, visit her OngoingDesigns' Facebook page and her website!

ongoing designs.com

Megan Woodard Johnson

Megan Woodard Johnson is a mixed media artist from West Bend. She shows and sells her paintings and collages throughout the Midwest. She loves being a part of the Free Range Art Show in the spring, and gives mixed media workshops at our Free Range Workshops. To see what else she's up to, visit her website: 



Kandy Gibson

Kandy Gibson is a utilitarian potter who creates pots that are visually pleasing and unique in character, but also useful in everyday life. Each piece of stoneware pottery created reflects her enjoyment for throwing, carving, sketching, embellishing,creating and using, Most of her pieces are wheel thrown but some are hand built. The forms are usually organic in nature, which stems from her love of the balance observed in nature,



Diane Henke

Diane operates her studio out of the old pump room in the vintage home she and her husband are restoring.

She has always loved clay as a medium , She feels that faces are like a map that can illustrate a lifetime of experiences and emotion. 

Recently she has incorporated vintage clocks, levels, candelabras and hardware into her creations that add a wonderful new dimension.



Terri Lockwood

Terri Lockwood is a mixed media painter and photographer with a more recent emphasis on encaustic painting and encaustic photography. Intensely passionate about nature, it is often her primary subject.

Terri's love for the medium of encaustic technique began as a beekeeper. She was searching for a way to honor the beautiful wax that is rendered when harvesting honey. She found this ancient art form and fell hopelessly in love. Learn more about her process and her work by visiting her website!



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Donna Wallner

Donna is a metalsmith who creates garden inspired metal sculpture. The lack of a " green thumb" initiated the making of her steel, " no fail " flowers! You will find many a delight in her metal garden, from flowers to birds, bugs to angels, each one a treasure. Donna had makes each flower with care, one petal at a time.


Denise Ehlert

Denise is pioneer woman with many creative talents! She hand hooks wool rugs based on primitive designs and out of her own imagination. Each rug is a treat for the senses, they don't just look beautiful they feel luxurious. Denise brings passion and  a bit of whimsy to all of her designs.


Kerry Tharp

Kerry Tharp is a self taught artist who has been working in stained glass for 15 years. 

Art has been a means for her to connect with others, focus her energies and grow by facing challenges.

Kerry brings a contemporary flair into her art, which primarily features color rich art glass,handmade pottery pieces and found objects, She is is known for her bright abstracts and her representational pieces reflecting water and woods . With specific glass cutting techniques, choice and intentional placement of tersserae, she creates movement and flow. Her inspiration arises from the natural surroundings of Upper Michigan and Wisconsin, emotions of color and the interesting occurrences in stained glass, 


kerri Knapp head shot.jpeg

Kerri Schlitz Knapp

Kerri Knapp has always had a passion for painting and color. She thoroughly enjoys carving out time for art by painting landscapes on canvas en plein air or from personal photos. She loves to make a roadside stop to capture the vivid colors of a vista, colors of a sunrise or sunset and cloudscapes.